OGWhatsApp APK

Download OGWhatsApp APK: WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application among all the new generation fellas at the present time. To Upgrade the features of the official WhatsApp messenger, there are kinds of mod applications are unveiled and they have equipped with many features such as the ability to use two or three WhatsApp accounts simultaneously in the same device, hide last seen and online status, and more others. With the development of OGWhatsApp, the new era has begun. The latest tool has powered with hiding second tick/blue ticks, ability to hide group chat recording/ typing status plus more new abilities. OGWhatsApp APK became the top of the order considering other mod apps and this resolved the lack of features of the official WhatsApp. The special attribute of the application is that the app allows users to register two different numbers into a single WhatsApp application. If you are a business person, this might definitely help you to contribute to a customers' community and for the personal life.

Nowadays WhatsApp has more mod applications but the OGWhatsApp is famous because of its inherent capabilities. Some of the advantages are similar to each other while some are unique for certain app versions. This is one of the most valuable software that the multiple accounts accessing feature is used to manage the business and the personal life without facing troubles. There is a myriad of feasibilities have bundled with the recent update of regular WhatsApp messaging app version. Changing the app icon and the notification icon is a special feature that added in this messaging application. Share documents, free video calls are other cool features and there are a number of added advantages in OGWhatsApp APK. The latest version benefits you in multiple ways so, pick the officially updated version to enjoy all these features.

Newly Added Features of OGWhatsApp

This is the highest feature base holding mod application encounters in the WhatsApp title. The OGWhatsApp APK new version provides more advanced feasibilities than any other version of the mod or official WA application. You are able to connect two WhatsApp accounts in one device. Handle a business by connecting each other over WhatsApp and carry on personal life without inconvenience using two numbers for each chat is now in the real world naming OGWhatsApp. Find what have been added recently in the GUI and in the capabilities. Free video calls and endless chats can perform as the regular application. Let's dive in to find the newly added features of the application from now on.

Use Multiple Accounts

Able to use two or three WhatsApp accounts by means of GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus Mod applications.

Anti-Ban Option

The latest version does not ban any WhatsApp account because of the inbuilt Anti-Ban mode.

Hide Typing Status

Can hide "typing" or "recording" status from others on group chats. This helps you to hide from others and enjoy freedom.

Send Large Files

Say goodbye to 16MB maximum size and the new OGWhatsApp version sends 30MB video files without hesitation.

Share Files/ Documents

Able to send APK files through including other regular file sharing up to 100MB.

Hide Blue/ Double Ticks

The OGWhatsApp version hides the blue ticks that display seen status to outside users.

Download OGWhatsApp can easily perform for free of charge and then you are able to install GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus to expand the activated accounts without rooting the smartphone. Frequently all the smartphones allow the WhatsApp registration with a single mobile number but this mod has changed the situation. This is an Android smartphone compatible application that has only released the APK version. Obviously, you can directly use two WhatsApp accounts with this mod.

  • Allows users to create new themes and then can upload them to the server
  • Make free video calls easily also without error connecting
  • Able to hide last seen status from other users
  • Can remove visibility of the online status
  • The second tick that represents delivery status can hide from all others
  • Able to copy conversations without senders' name or date and the time
  • Changed the status characters count from 139 to 250 maximum number
  • OGWhatsApp allows changing the app icon and the notification icon as the users' need
  • Can send high-quality images without reducing the resolutions
  • There are many other features covered by the chatting app

Download OGWhatsApp APK Latest Version

This is the number one selection to download OGWhatsApp APK for free of charge. There is no any other direct download link that faster than the offered. You can pick the latest update from this section with just a single click and without wasting the time. This tool can send and receive high-quality images and videos even they are sized over 16 MB. The maximum limit of a video has upgraded to 30MB with OGWhatsApp messenger. You are able to send or receive 100MB file without reducing the quality. If you need to connect with a large customer base simultaneously while chatting with personal contacts, this is the best option to manage both sides correctly without troubles. Download OGWhatsApp latest version here.

Requirements for OGWhatsApp Download

  • An Android smartphone, because the application has released only the APK version to install
  • About 15MB of free space to download and install OGWhatsApp APK application
  • An activated internet connection to download necessary files
  • Enable "Unknown Sources" before download OGWhatsApp
  • You are able to connect two accounts at the end of a successful installation

How to Install OGWhatsApp on Android

This is a step by step instructions tutorial created for your easy comprehension. Follow these official instructions to install OGWhatsApp correctly and to import chat logs to the newly installed WhatsApp plus mod edition. Get ready to install the application collecting all the above-mentioned requirements. Take a backup of all the chats of your WhatsApp current application before proceeding the new installation.

  • Step 01: Enable "Unknown Sources" from the settings menu. Open the settings and find security settings. Toggle the "Unknown Sources" button inside the menu item. This is an urgent requirement otherwise the security will bar the new app installation.
  • Step 02: Now open the currently using WhatsApp messenger if any. Make a complete backup of all the personal chats and favorite ones.
  • Step 03: After the backup process completed, go to SD Card/WhatsApp and then rename the WhatsApp directory to OGWhatsApp. This can perform via any file manager software even if you have rooted the Android system.
  • Step 04: Download OGWhatsApp APK on your smartphone from our direct downloading links.
  • Step 05: If you have not enabled "Unknown Sources" this will stop the installation until you enabled the necessary button.
  • Step 06: Let the app to install as a regular software. Open the OGWhatsApp Messenger at the end of the installation.
  • Step 07: Now, enter the mobile number that you need to connect with OGWA. And get the verification code and make confirm the mobile number.
  • Step 08: Once started the app, you are able to restore the previously captured backup.
  • Step 09: All the previously selected chats will able to continue with the newly installed version.
  • Step 10: Enjoy OGWhatsApp APK latest update and get benefits.

OGWhatsApp v6.50 Changelog

  • Updated the application base on WhatsApp 2.18.46 version
  • The latest app version sends app notifications for revoked messages
  • Able to enter a group description. With this enabled feature, you can name groups with your own description
  • The enabled group description allows showing in the header of the chat list
  • Able to play videos that received to WhatsApp via the favorite video player
  • Newly added mention button featured OGWA to easily mention someone with this messaging application
  • Capabilities of hiding group description from the header of the chat
  • Video to GIF conversion option has modified with a back button
  • Added new themes and multiple pages for ease the utility of this application such as New Group page, Scheduler Page, Broadcast page, and Custom Chats Screen
  • An improved auto-reply mode has come with this application
  • Highlights unsaved participants names in group chats
  • Online or Last Seen status can hide from the main screen and the contacts screen
  • Disable Heads Up for Android Oreo version has completely revamped
  • Now the application allows setting up the Admin Caption in group chats
  • Hidden chats will not display anywhere as previous versions anymore
  • Revamped many errors that cause bug effects

Important facts to remember

This is the safest application that makes private connections. The entire history of each chat encrypts end-to-end. That is why there is no any way to get the messages and other shared items to an outside person. OGWhatsApp is well secured so that there is nothing to be nervous about any single hacking attempt with this software. You have to use an Android smartphone that runs with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or a higher version. The lower versions do not compatible with the latest version of OGWhatsApp software. Taking a backup helps you to keep safe the favorite chats even the new application completed installation or not. You are able to use two WhatsApp accounts with this installation without rooting the system. It allows you to create two separate accounts to separate numbers and able to handle both accounts in the same device simultaneously. This application currently works with the Android smartphones only but the iOS version is under construction at this moment.


OGWhatsApp allows users to use two WhatsApp accounts in the same device but how to make this happen? The answer is simple. There are two more other applications named WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. Download one from the mentioned tools and set up a new mobile number to configure the downloaded other WhatsApp mod apps. With this method, you are able to use three accounts at the same smartphone with these alternative applications. In any case, you have noted that the application does not compatible with your smart mobile device, remove the downloaded messenger application completely. Then try to install WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp mod apps instead of OGWhatsApp. You can make this task easy with our official website. Then enable "Unknown Sources", visit the website and download the necessary mod app then enjoy the freedom of OGWhatsApp application.