Plus APK - WhatsApp plus Mod APK

WhatsApp is the best and the most reliable messaging application that can use for multiple needs on multiple devices. Nowadays, WhatsApp messenger is the trending and the most rated chatting application due to some special capabilities. The app encrypts all the senders' and receivers' shared messages, images, videos, voice cuts and almost everything with each other. This became the safest messaging application that most popular at the moment. Apart from these facts, there are some special topics we need to discuss here. There are several versions of WhatsApp such as Whatsapp Plus, GB Whatsapp, OG Whatsapp, and Yo WhatsApp (YoWA). All these app versions are powered with different multiple features. In some applications, you are able to hide the last seen status, some can use two mobile numbers at the same application while some updates regularly for a long-term usage and grants ability to play WhatsApp videos on your favorite video player. The end-to-end encryption does not remove when other features installed. So that this is the higher secured chatting application in the modern world. Because of the feature that compatible with all devices, you are able to stay connected where you were or what you do. These WhatsApp mods basically work in APK file type and let's consider each from now on.

WhatsApp Plus

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus comes with more features. Especially noted that the newly added feature to hide the last seen status. This application has released an APK file that means you are unable to install the tool on any other device except Android mobile. The previously unleashed application has been stopped working but the latest released the reborn of WhatsApp Plus APK works correctly and continue working with all the Android smartphones in these days. There are many features have mounted in the latest WhatsApp Plus mod. The entire user community is able to select multiple in one theme for the chat background and the UI. You are able to customize privacy settings like hiding online status, hide second tick and more others instead of previously informed hide the last seen status. There are more cool features have included in this application. Let's dive in to find more added features of the application.

Updated Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

  • The latest WhatsApp Plus APK update based on WhatsApp 2.18.46 version
  • Able to play videos on your favorite video player outside form the application's GUI
  • Can manage group admins and do more settings in group chat
  • Get notifications of revoked messages
  • Able to enable UPI Payments (Unified Payments Interface) in WhatsApp Plus 2018 edition
  • The newly added DND option disables all incoming and outgoing SMS
  • Enabled group info settings and increased the video limit in status
  • Powered the app with anti-revoke messages mod. It allows users to block deleting contents that sent to you
  • Able to send PDF, TXT, Docs and more other file types
  • Capable of change, save, load and share the theme while changing the launching app icon
  • Status limit increased to 255 characters count
  • Configures pictures, pixels, and size of necessary image files

Download OGWhatsApp

WhatsApp messenger can accomplish with another newly updated mod software named OGWhatsApp. This became the most demanded WhatsApp mod version because of inbuilt multiple features. There are a number of advanced features encounter in this software such as hide online status, hide second ticks or blue ticks, hide typing or recording status in chat groups, and more other advanced features. OGWhatsApp APK can handle two or three different accounts in one application. This is the best mod application to gain more additional advantages in the same software. The basic capabilities of WhatsApp that chatting, sharing audio, video, images, PDFs, TXT files, Send messages, make free calls, Documents, and all the other items are successfully added in the OGWhatsApp software.

OGWhatsApp Latest Changes Log

  • The latest version based on WhatsApp 2.18.46 edition.
  • Capable of notifying revoked messages.
  • Can enable group description in the header.
  • Added mention button into the chat.
  • Plays videos outside from the app and lets you choose your favorite player.
  • Added back button for Convert video to GIF option.
  • Has empowered the app with the new Broadcast page, themed new group page, Scheduler page, and Custom Chat Screens.
  • Online/last seen status details displays on the main screen and the contacts screen.
  • Highlighted unsaved participants names in group chats.
  • Disable Heads up for Android Oreo version fixed successfully.
  • Completely revamped Admin caption errors.
  • Autio reply deleting has repaired.
  • Hidden chat counter displaying on the widget and the chat contents opening from group info has fixed correctly.
  • There are more bug fixings encounter in the OGWhatsApp and this will be the most suitable for busy people who connect with a large count of contacts.

GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp APK is a small application that contains a user-friendly interface which is attractive and colorful. The most special attribute of GBWhatsApp application is that two WhatsApp applications are able to install on an Android device and ability to use them simultaneously. This interesting application keeps more awesome features that the majority of users turn into use continuously use GBWhatsApp. Because of the inbuilt main features of this mod app, you are able to use two WhatsApp accounts in the same device. This tool has also released in APK file format same as others. That is why it can only install on any Android mobile devices. GBWhatsApp latest version can download for free of charge and then you are free to send messages, share everything, make free calls and connect with the entire world. If the main benefit describes here, this app allows setting up two separate WhatsApp accounts then a single can use for your business affairs and the other one for your personal requirements. Let's take a look at the advantages that drag the tool to the most popular level.

Special Features of GBWhatsApp

  • Can allow contact copies in a single tap on the app interface.
  • Able to hide online status while you using the WhatsApp and enjoy the freedom.
  • You can easily send 30MB sized video on behalf of banned with 16MB regular video size using GBWhatsApp
  • Selecting 90 images and send at once is another added advantage of the mod application.
  • Duplicate friends' status can perform with the new tool version.
  • Available call details color changing from the outgoing calls to display other call details.
  • Capable of hiding last seen, second tick and blue tick plus more others.
  • An alter missed call icon has added into the latest software version.
  • Able to hide the data and the sender's name when copying several messages.
  • Able to copy and paste a bulk of text messages simultaneously.
  • Can change themes in the themes options easily.

YOWhatsApp Download

YOWhatsApp is another mod of the regular WhatsApp Messenger. YOWA runs the main role of each WA mod apps. The latest version of the application offers more advanced features on the WhatsApp messenger. The YOWhatsApp APK is the only released version so that this messaging application can install only on Android smartphones without hesitation. There is no any iPhone compatible app version has released under the same title. YOWhatsApp updates regularly so that the compatible with almost every Android mobile device proves that this is the most useful application. YoWA has powered with a triple package that can install on Android mobile devices. After a successful installation, it allows connecting three different WhatsApp accounts in the same device. Yo WhatsApp v7.50 is the available latest version to download.

YOWhatsApp Features

YOWhatsApp messenger application has become the fastest messaging application in the modern world because of the regular updates. This tool has lack of advantages but it unique and unable to compare with any other mod software but maintains the highest speed. Though the tool is not included some features that people expect, it has empowered with a large number of additional features that even not included in the officially released WhatsApp app. This makes the tool uncomparable with any of other mod or the official application. YoWA can send text, images, audios, videos, GIFs, documents, PDF, and almost every file at a fast transferring rate. This is an app that very similar to the GBWhatsApp considering the capabilities and features. Make sure that you are using the latest updated version of YoWA because it has a number of advanced improvements. The procedure to install the application is simple. Just download and install YOWhatsApp and then chat with your heartiest people while using other two mod software versions for business and/or friends.


WhatsApp is the most using, trending and the fastest way to chat or share everything with others. In here, you can download WhatsApp in four different Mods including WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp for free of charge. Each application has special facts that empowered the application. Some apps can register with two WhatsApp accounts while some can use three. All the features can gain with the installation of each WA Mod app benefits you in multiple titles. All the file types like PDF, documents, audio, video, text messages, free calls, end-to-end encryptions are common features of all the mod software iteration. Hide last seen or online status helps you to access the chatting portal free. If you are a business person these WhatsApp Mod APKs are the easiest way to reach customers and clients easily.